Root Canals

Sometimes a tooth may become infected and the nerve will die. This may happen to a tooth that is broken, has a deep filling or decay, or had trauma from a sporting or some other accident. Often, the tooth can be saved! Dr. Malon or Dr. Moran will carefully and completely clean the inside of the tooth to remove the infection, and then fill the inside of the tooth with a substance called gutta percha. Later, a crown may be needed to make the tooth strong enough to bite properly.

Historically, root canals are not an aspect of dentistry that many people are fond of. However, at Family Dental Care of Farmington we understand how this procedure may make patients uncomfortable. That’s why our doctors take advanced courses for the benefit of our patients. There’s no need to go elsewhere for these procedures, when Dr. Malon and Dr. Moran have the expertise to perform these procedures in our own office. We like to make our patients as comfortable as possible when coming into the office and our continuing education allows us to do so. Stay in the comfort zone of your own dental office!