Tooth implants are quickly becoming the most popular way to replace a missing tooth. Tooth implants are very much like artificial roots of teeth that are placed permanently in the bone. After the implant is placed and has time to heal, the doctor will make an impression of the implant site, then send the impression to a dental laboratory where the crown will be made. When the crown is placed, the doctor will first put an abutment in the implant, then cement the crown on the abutment. There are advantages to tooth implants:

1) Tooth implants are permanent: they stay in your mouth and are treated as natural teeth
2) No other teeth have to be cut down, as they do when making a bridge

Tooth implants can also be used to help dentures stay in the mouth. This is done by attaching a snap-like abutment on the implant, and the other part of the snap in the denture.